Xiaomi 12S Ultra Review - This is Game-Changing.

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  • 3/07/2022 को प्रकाशित
  • Full review of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, and comparison vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - including camera, battery, screen, specs, price and more. We filmed for 3 full days in 35°C direct sun for this vid, so if you enjoyed do Subscribe! 😂
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    For those of you who manage to somehow arrive on these videos before I do...much love ❤

  • Skyward
    Skyward  +16

    Yay, more stuff I can’t afford!

  • lior yunfh
    lior yunfh  +252

    The design looks a lot more thought-out than the basic "glass rectangle with camera holes for cameras"! Glad to see even more competition in the Android space.

  • lukewt456
    lukewt456  +173

    When Xiaomi finally does make the (not mistake) move of making software updates as long as the current Samsung commitment, that's when Samsung's likely going to have really serious competition on their hands.

  • Fra & Nadia

    As predictedby many some years ago, brands are actually going crazy with the camera size 😂😭

  • Tender xD
    Tender xD  +820

    i love how xiaomi has put in the effort to make a a phone that's literally as Ultra as it gets on the spec sheet, but it doesn't quite feel complete and consumer focused yet. don't get me wrong the phone is insane but as a casual smartphone user the S22 Ultra edges on the 12S Ultra, plus it has the S-pen too.

  • b0rg1010
    b0rg1010  +20

    I'm still rocking a MI 10 Ultra and after 2 years, still love it. Best phone I've every had and 120w charger is epic just charging it from flat in just over 30mins.

  • Raouf Annab

    The fact that this video was absolutely great in production makes me think that tech videos don’t necessarily have to be shot in a studio. Awesome video Arun and more outdoorsy tech videos please

  • Alpha Kara
    Alpha Kara  +225

    The most professional, detailed, entertaining and informative review I have ever seen on INclips. It is as if I was holding those two devices and was thinking which one to buy.

  • Rishan Backer

    Happy to see Xiaomi have their own unique identity in every aspects

  • Tom Pax
    Tom Pax 28 दिन पहले +4

    I'm at

  • Speckon McBacon

    I have used Samsung phones for the last decade exclusively, starting from a Galaxy S2 to my current driver, the Note 10+. I always loved them but it is nice to see that other brands can do almost the same without breaking your wallet. If my Note10+ wouldn't satisfy my "needs" in 2022 (which it certainly does quite well) I may be thinking of giving the Xiamoi S12 Ultra a try. Android phones are topping each other every year so I am curious what the market will look like in 2 years when I am ready to ditch my Samsung phone. Anyways - beautiful and informative video, Arun! Greets from Austria!

  • Stevie-Ray

    Love the way you give a balanced review by comparing at all the individual features!

  • TayZonday
    TayZonday  +539

    You won’t ever film discretely with THAT lens. Even when you’re texting, people will think you are filming! 🧐😳📸

  • Marilin Puig

    The S22 Ultra is really a Note. That makes the boxy, squared look a better choice. The s-pen is is amazing and the rest, well, it just works quite well. Lack of support is really a negative when you factor in price of these phones.

  • Shadday A. Campusano Montero

    Your smartphones feedback never disappoint me, I definitely keep loving your videos!!!

  • Alexandre Bugado

    If Xiaomi keeps this great work with the cameras and improves at least the zoom lens, and Samsung keeps making the cameras rely too much on upscaling AI for the next 5 years, I will change to Xiaomi. Moving from the S20 to the S21 was a very huge disappointment, specially when using the Super Slow-mo and 64MP picture.

  • JReid2K
    JReid2K  +49

    I was looking for a compact phone and chose the Xiaomi 12X over the Galaxy S22. I was nervous at first but it works flawlessly on TMO and gets 5G. I just hope a future administration doesn't kill Samsungs, Apple, and Google's new rivals like it did Huawei. The Mate 20 was epic then the ban happened.

  • Weston Ney

    The design is cool, it makes it look like a proper camera. At times you can see the beautiful Leica colors shine through, but it’s very wonky. Hopefully that is fixable via software.

  • Cal
    Cal  +831

    One of the weirdest looking phones but oddly enough one of the aesthetically nice looking phones I’ve ever seen.